Bhubaneswar Institute of Industrial Technology(BIIT)
Bhubaneswar Institute of Industrial Technology(BIIT)
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Library Rules:
       The Library is the focal point and nerve center of the Institute. While the facility already available can meet the present requirements of the students and faculty members, facilities like CD-ROM databases, magazines and journals are also available

  Library Facility and Rules:
       Bhubaneswar Institute of Industrial Technology(BIIT) library is well equipped with books on various topics of science, Electronics,Mechanical and Technology. It also subscribes to most of the related technical magazines and journals published in the country. The students are encouraged to have their own textbooks.
The rules and regulations for library resources facilities are as follows:
Opening Hour:
Monday to Saturday - 10.00 am. to 4.00 pm.
During vacations - 10.00 am. to 1.00 pm.
Note : Library remains close on holidays.

         Admission is restricted to the students and staff of the Institute
  Issue of Privilege:
      Students are entitled to issue of books as mentioned below and may keep it for a period of 15 days only.

a) 1st Year - 2 books at a time
b) 2nd Year- 3 books at a time